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Quick access to a little cash can come handy at many times in your life. You may have an unexpected expense; need to pay off urgent bill, home repair, car repair, and Buy Grocery for your family etc. Instant Cash Loan in 1 Hour without Documents is what you can opt for to take care of such needs. Here at Gasta we will try our best to get you matched with the right lender at the right time. Send us your loan request and get started today!

Online facility makes the complete procedure quick and hassle free. Once you have submitted us your loan request we will immediately get it matched with the lenders in our network who offers Instant Cash Loan in 1 Hour without Documents in South Africa. Not all lenders have the same terms and conditions. So, make sure you carefully go through the loan agreements ahead of taking a decision.

Any short term cash crunches can be taken care of with instant cash loans in 1 hour. Since these loans fall under unsecured form of loans, you need not have to pledge any collateral against the borrowed money. Documentation and credit checks can also be avoided ahead of approval.

How Instant Cash Loans Work?

Instant Cash Loan in 1 Hour, also known as quick cash advance or short-term loans. We provide instant cash to individuals within one hour without any document verification in South Africa. The borrower can borrow small money quickly for short period of time. These loans help you to cover your all unexpected expenses before coming salary.

These loans are often always available with less documentation and an very simple application process.

Benefits and Features of Instant Cash Loan in 1 Hour

100% Paperless Process

Most instant cash loan lenders follow an online loan application. With this process completely eliminates the need for paperwork.

Low-Interest Rates:

Enjoy low interest rates with 1 hour instant cash loans. However, the final rates depend on your credit eligibility. The lender can increase it according to your credit history, if you have better credit score, may be lower the interest rate will be.

No Hidden Charges:

Instant Cash Loan has no prepayment or hidden costs. However, it may include very little processing fee but it depend on your lender. In case you miss your loan installment that time lender will charged penalty


An instant cash loan in 1 hour without document will be an short term unsecured loan this means that the borrower no need to submit collateral to the loan amount.

Instant Approval:

The 1 hour cash loans document verification process takes place online and complete within few minutes to no documents. Therefore the lender complete the loan verification process in very less time and the borrowers get the instant approval decision

Get the Loan within 24 hours:

If you apply for your loan before 11:59am, and Once the lender approved your loan application, your applied loans amount will be credited to your bank within 24 hour or less time.

Flexible Amount and Tenure for Loan:

According to your monthly income, lender will gives you choice to choose your loan amount and interest rate repayments. You can repayment though monthly flexible installments depending your budget and loan repayments time.

What are the advantages of quick loans?

  • Easy Application: the first step to get the loan fills out the 3 minutes loans application which is very easy for everyone.
  • Fast Money: If the loan application approved by the lender, the cash amount will deposited directly into your bank account with in 1 hour its totally depend on your lender policy..
  • Flexible Repayment: Gasta have multiple lending partners offer flexible loan repayment option with reasonable interest rates in South Africa. That is very helpful for the borrowers.
  • Consideration for Rejected Applications: Consideration for Rejected Applications: Bad credit holder not possible to get loan easily within 1 hour, mostly lenders approve the loan application only that people who have good credit history.

If you are one of them who have bad credit history and the lenders are not accepting your loans application then no to worry at Gasta have multiple lending partners who offers online payday loans without credit check in 1 hour, no need to collateral, hassle free loan application, 99% loans accepted.

Can I apply for Instant Cash Loan with a bad credit score?

You can get an instant cash loan within 1 hour by applying for a bad credit loans, payday loans, or car title loan, personal loan, business loans. At this time in the South Africa many online lending institutions offer same day funding without credit check.

Am I eligible to apply for Instant Cash Loan online?

In simple word “Yes”, you are eligible, if you are at least 18 years old, having a valid bank account, permanent resident of South Africa and stable monthly income source. If you are worry about your credit score not to worry bad credit holder can qualify to borrow money but the interest rates and fees may be high rather than other traditional loans.

How quickly will I get my loan?

You can get your loan same day but it depend on your loans application time, if you applied your loan application before 11:59AM, the most of the lenders send the money within few hours but it depend on your loans application approved or not same day.

If the borrower gives all the right information according to lender requirements, the loans verification process going very fast and the borrower can get instant decision, if the requested loan approved by the lender then the cash amount directly credit into borrower’s bank account same day

Is Gasta a trustworthy Instant Cash Loan in 1 Hour without Documents direct lender?

Gasta is not a direct lender and cannot take any lending decision it does not offers any cash loan services in 1 hour. Gasta have wide range of funding lenders network in the South Africa that helps that people who are struggling to find the best lender for their loan, Gasta offer loans matching services free of cost, don’t charge any hidden fees. It only connect the people to the best lenders according to their credit score.

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Frequently Asked Questions ✍️

We’re here to answer your questions

Are there any specific eligibility criteria for instant payday loans?

No, no need any specific eligibility criteria to apply instant payday loans, you just have a valid checking account, minimum age 18 years old, valid identification in the South Africa and active monthly source of income nothing else, even if you have bad credit history most welcome.

Can I get an instant cash loan in 1 hour if I have bad credit?

Yes, if you are living in South Africa and searching bad credit loans. it is possible to get instant cash loans in 1 hour with bad credit but the lender can charged you high interest rates, but it is good to borrow money that time you need of urgent emergency cash at any cost if you know you can pay it back ASAP fast.

What is the maximum loan amount that I can take for an instant cash loan?

You can get maximum instant cash loan amount up to R8000 and more…

Can I get an instant cash loan without a salary slip and other documents?

Yes it is possible to get instant cash loan without a salary slip in South Africa but lender will check you loan repayment ability. You have to submit your financial document like past 3 month bank statement. if you are applying without income proof loan, you will need to have a good credit history otherwise the loans interest may be high rather than traditional loans.

What happens if I miss a repayment of an urgent cash loan?

If you miss your loans installment continuously six months of missed payments then your lender would normally write off your account. If you are not able to pay back your debt, your credit report will show a “bad debt” marking. This means that the lender not trying to recover the money from you. Typically the South African lenders sell the old debt to a third-party collection agency instead.

Can I apply for a 1 hour cash loan if I’m unemployed?

If you are unemployed and don’t have full time job that time you have to face lots of emergency financial problems. Short term loans for unemployed will be the best option for you to resolve your all kind of urgent financial problems. in the case of you don’t have regular income source, the lender will  ask your past 3 month bank statements or any investment in Bank and can also check your credit history before approved your loan application

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Gasta Benefits

There are many reasons behind choosing Gasta to fund your financial needs, and some are:



You can apply for online instant payday loans from anywhere by using active internet connection. There's no involvement of paperwork or any other hassle.


Money 24/7

From application to getting money from payday loan, whole process usually completed within few minutes. It means you can get cash quickly, especially during emergencies.



Online payday loans are not just convenient and fast, but they are also safe and secure way of borrowing money. These loans are regulated by government laws.


No Hard Credit Checks

There are no hard credit checks involvement with payday loans. It means, there is no need to worry about loan rejection due to bad credit score.

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