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1 hour payday loans are the unsecured short-term loans, typically ranging from minimum R100 to R8000, that are designed to be repaid within a month or maximum in 6 months depend the lenders, usually on your next payday. The "no credit check" aspect implies that lenders might not check your past credit history, but they may use alternative methods to assess your creditworthiness, such as bank statements or employment verification.

The allure of 1-hour payday loans no credit check:

  • Fast and easy access to cash: You can apply online or in-store and get approved within few minutes, the approved loan amount directly deposited into your bank account within 1 hour.
  • No credit check loans (NCCL): It's become lifeline for those people who have very poor credit history which those people to resolve their unexpected financial problem before payday with help the no credit check loans
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What are 1-hour payday loans?

With one-hour loans, the borrowers get quick cash when they need money in a urgently. This service specially designed to provide instant cash within 60 minutes. Once the applicant's loan application approved by the lender, they don't need to wait to get the approved fund. The lender deposits the cash directly into the borrower's bank account within 1 hour.

Can I get a 1-hour loan with bad credit?

1 hour loan application process is very fast & you can full fill whole loan application form within 60 seconds, if the application approved, the lender paid the approved money within one hour and usually the money deposit directly into the bank account same day. If you are employed and want to apply this loan but have bad credit history don't worry you are eligible to apply. One hour unsecured loans not required good credit history you just have monthly income source to get approved this loan.

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Gasta Benefits

There are many reasons behind choosing Gasta to fund your financial needs, and some are:



You can apply for online instant payday loans from anywhere by using active internet connection. There's no involvement of paperwork or any other hassle.


Money 24/7

From application to getting money from payday loan, whole process usually completed within few minutes. It means you can get cash quickly, especially during emergencies.



Online payday loans are not just convenient and fast, but they are also safe and secure way of borrowing money. These loans are regulated by government laws.


No Hard Credit Checks

There are no hard credit checks involvement with payday loans. It means, there is no need to worry about loan rejection due to bad credit score.

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How to get an instant cash loan in 1 hour without documents?

An instant cash loan in 1 hour can help you quickly when you need emergency money urgently. You can get these funds within 1 hour without the need for documents. You can use this fund for any purpose of expenses like, complete the wedding requirements, car repair, home repair, to pay medical bills, pay monthly installment etc.

Instant cash loan in 1 hour without documents fund usually can get anyone even they have bad credit history, the lender ask only regular income source to the borrowers to approved the loan application.

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When may you need a 1-hour payday loan?

Before coming salary, your pocket going to be empty and when you feel lots of stress regarding money related problems. Emergency money related problems like: groceries for your family, car repair, old phone suddenly damage and need to buy new phone urgently, a bill you must pay etc.

In this condition you can go for online payday loans which usually approved within 1 hour if you have monthly income source, Lender will not ask about your past credit history to get approved your loan application, apply now at Gasta. The loan application not take more than 5 minutes

Features of 1-Hour Payday Loans No Credit Check

Instant Decision on Loan Approval

In the South Africa 1 hour payday loans are work very fast! Once you full fill your online cash request form within few minutes, you may get quick approved decision by the direct lender within few seconds and if loan application approved the fund will be deposited directly into your bank account within 1 hour or maximum same day.

Accessible to Everyone for Any Purpose

If you are applying for online payday loans, the basic requirements for this loans are so easy, in the South Africa almost anyone is eligible for this fund. Interestingly, 1-hour cash loans have no employment verification needed. As long as you're a South Africa citizen who is at least 18 years old, has any monthly proof of income like car rent, home rent, investment, bank saving, freelance etc., and a checking account you're fine. That's it!

Apply now and get up R8000 cash within 60 minutes. The good thing of this online 1 hour loan is that you can use this fund for any purpose lender will not ask the loan purpose.

No Credit Checks

We can understand that it is very difficult to get access to some much-needed instant cash advance quickly, especially when you have very bad credit history in past. But not to worry about that. No traditional credit checks or any document verification of your past credit history is required by payday lenders in the South Africa.

Short term small loans are unsecured loans because of this, the lender can performed soft credit check when you applying to this loans, this process will not affect your credit score. Soft credit check like borrowers have any saving in their bank, government benefits, rental income, investment etc. and in this process the job verification not required.

Requirements to get 1-hour payday loans from direct lenders

  • At least 18 years of age old.
  • Be a South Africa (ZA) citizen.
  • Any source of income is important to get loan approved chances.
  • Have an active bank checking account.
  • You must have active phone number (like a cell) and email id so your lender can contact you.

How to get 1-hour payday loans with no hard credit check?

In South Africa lenders do no check hard credit check or bad credit history with no credit check loans. They only interested in your source of income. The income source can be any type like salary, freelance, rental income, self-employed etc. To approve the no credit check loan application mostly lenders check borrower's bank account history past 3 months.

If you apply for a 1 hour loans with no credit check at Gasta, we have wide range of lenders they do not perform any hard credit checks, they only check the borrower's ability to pay back the loan on time.

Why choose Gasta for your 1-hour payday loan?

Gasta is online loan matching platform that help you to get the loans according to your credit score at same place without wasting time on internet. For their loan matching service gasta do not charge any fees from the borrowers.

At this time Gasta have 40 plus lenders collection at single platform for each user accordingly who provide multiple loan services with very low interest rates in the South Africa like: payday loans, personal loans, installment loans, no credit check loans, bad credit loans, same day loans, cash advances, 1 hour loans, car loans, home loans, business loans etc.

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1-Hour Payday Loan FAQs ✍️

We're here to answer your questions

Is it possible to get unemployment payday loans in 1 hour?

Without a job, verifying your income source becomes very difficult for lenders, making lenders hesitant to approve your unemployment payday loan's application. But the unemployed people have chance to get approved the loan they just have to show their 3 months bank statement, any saving in the bank account, investment, or getting any unemployment benefits to get approved the loan application within 1 hour

What are the benefits of 1 Hour Payday Loans ZA?

  • Easy to Apply
  • Fast Funds
  • Bad credit or no credit all accepted
  • Secure Information
  • Manageable Loan Amounts
  • Sooner Pay-Back Date
  • Use For Anything
  • Caps on Interest Rates
  • Highly Regulated Loans
  • Cover Emergency Expenses

Where do I get a no fax 1-hour payday loan?

If you are apply for 1 hour payday loans at Gasta, None of our South African payday lenders require faxing any documents related your loan application. Faxing is really only required with traditional lenders which is outdated method in this era.

Is it really possible to get instant cash loan in 1 hour without documents?

Yes it is possible now to get instant cash loan in 1 hour without documents in South Africa. No need to submit your salary slip or any other documents. However, the lender may ask your past 3 month bank statements to check your eligibility to repay the loan. If you need loans without income proof, you will need to have good credit history; otherwise, the loans interest rate may be high.

How can I get a 1-hour loan with bad credit instantly?

You can get one hour payday loans quickly but if you have bad credit holder it cannot possible to get cash instantly into your bank account, if someone giving you promises an instant money deposit is deceiving you. But you can get your loan amount till next business day in the case of bad credit history.

Who is eligible for Payday Loans ZA?

  • Age: You must be at least 18 years old to apply for a short term loans.
  • Citizenship or Residency: Should have valid id proof of permanent resident of South Africa
  • Regular Income: You need to have a monthly source of income, no matter the income source like employment, self-employment, government benefits or any other stable income stream
  • Bank Account: To get approved the loan you must have an active bank account to get the borrowed fund and later withdrawn for repayment.
  • Valid Contact Information: You must provide your valid contact Information like your phone number, email id and your permanent address.

Can I borrow payday loans within 1 hour in South Africa by phone?

In one word "YES", you can get a quick small cash online conveniently using your smart phone. To access direct lender Loan application visit Gasta.co.za and click on apply now button, complete the 3 minutes loans application and get instant decision within few seconds, if the loan application approved you can see your approved funds in your mobile phone within 1 hour you will receive an fund credited message on your phone which give you little smile on your face.

It Takes Less Than 5 Min

We will try to connect you with a direct lender no matter what your credit score is.

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