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The cost of living expenses in South Africa is increasing day by day, making people struggle on a daily basis. The main reason is- their income is still stable to balance with new challenges at their workplace.  Undoubtedly, this must be hard to manage for you if one of the Africans you are. But Gasta have come up with a solution which is a easy payday loan in South Africa from direct lenders.

Now, you don’t need to worry about your next payday because these types of loans are capable enough to fix your emergencies. There is something that may interest you when you get your loan approval within a few minutes.

You may consider yourself lucky enough that you have reached us while seeking financial assistance because banks refused to. You will not need to go anywhere from here because our reputable direct lenders understand your financial concern and act upon it instantly.

What are easy payday loans in South Africa?

Easy payday loans are also known as short-term loans that help you during your hard financial times. There are certain types of expenses that trouble you before your next payday arrives. They might be repairing the home, paying rent, doctor fees, educational fees and etc.

These types of loans come for a small time period somewhat from 4 weeks to 6 months. That’s why they have high-interest costs to pay in the end. But interesting thing is- you get the instant solution to your instant financial problems.

Now, you don’t need to think much of having a bad credit score because our trustable direct lenders continue with the assistance, accepting your bad FICO score.

How do I payday loans work?

You will find payday loans work for you differently from traditional loans with direct lenders. Yes, this is true actually. You have to face a small process of loan application without leaving the place you are at. Isn’t this strange? This is what our online lenders have cared about a lot.

They are aware of your situation. Therefore, they don’t want to panic you by putting a paperwork load on you. Although, this is very common at other lending places. You must have experienced that before in the past when bankers asked for to bring some paper-based documents.

This time, you are not going to deal with such lending institutions. You can complete the process in 5 to 10 minutes only.

Complete application in 4 simple steps:

  • Essential to fill up application: This is the beginning that you will see upfront while applying for payday loans. You have to fill out a small page application with some of the basic details that you have at present.
  • Receive confirmation: You will have a loan approval confirmation after the small verification done by online lenders. You have to accept that after that pops up on the top of your main device, you have applied through.
  • Read terms and conditions carefully: You have to read terms and conditions very carefully once before you move ahead. This will remove all your doubts from your mind. Apart from that, you will also come to know of negative sides.
  • Submit and collect money: After you have done all this, you have to submit your loan application and collect your funds in less than 24 hours. Our direct lenders don’t want to take any risk further that’s why they release the funds as soon as they can.

What do I need to apply for a Easy payday loan?

Since you have to meet with lending criteria of lending institutions, no matter from whom you apply for the loans. Among other traditional lenders, there are online lenders who have some limited requirements that you need to be ready with.

There is no paperwork activity involved before or after. But yes, you are applying for loans so you have to have some basic things ready with you. To avoid any sort of confusion ahead, this is a great idea to know about the types of requirements.

What you need is following:

  • Age is 18 or above: Before you apply for the loans, you have to check your age criteria because you need to be 18 or above to apply. This is the requirement of almost all the lending institutions that you have to take care of.
  • Address proof: You need to prove your permanent residential address proof. Your address proof is also very common for the requirements. This shows to your lender that you are a citizen of South Africa only being convenient for lenders to assist.
  • Income proof needed: You have to prove your loan repayment ability by showing any upcoming income. Almost all banks and other lending institutions consider it before they think of your current problems. So you need to make sure of that in the requirements.
  • A checking account is a must: After you have got the loan approval, funds are directly sent to your checking account for safety purposes. So you need to have a bank account along too for receiving the online funds.

How do I find the Easy payday loans for me?

Our online direct lenders are willing to you help with easy payday loans 24/7 from anywhere. You may not get this facility from other traditional lending institutions such as banks because they have some working hours to work.

In between, if you need instant cash then you might not be able to get financial assistance from them. But as far as online payday lenders are concerned. They are available in your service all the time because they know, that financial emergencies can knock on your door anytime and anywhere.

So you don’t need to worry about finding them because we do this job for your convenience without making you visit anywhere. Still there are several questions that you need to ask yourself. They will help you ahead.

Keep some question with:

  • Are provincial regulation being considered? Lenders have to follow regulations of every province. In case, they are not paying attention towards it then the situation can be a bit problematic for you as well as them.
  • How much did they take? How much of your time consumption there is. This matters a lot, when you are in hurry for quick funds. There are some lenders who make you wait for long time to get you the loan approval only.
  • Have they checked you loan repayment ability? In case they haven’t checked your loan repayment ability. Then you have to be very serious about it because you might have to pay high in the end.

What are the pros and cons of payday loans?

Payday loans come with some positive sides as well as negative sides since everything comes with its pros and cons. That’s why this is very important to consider both aspects then take the final decision because one wrong decision may double the problem.

Connecting to these short-term payday loans, they too come with their pros and some cons along. First, you should have a look at them before you apply. This way, you will have some ideas for applying for loans from our lenders.


  • You can get your money quickly: You will experience the comfort while applying for loans with direct lenders with no complications further. You can collect your money very easily once you are approved.
  • Freedom to use the money as you like: The good news is- you have no restriction to use payday loans from online direct lenders. In other cases, you have to give the purposes for using the money.
  • Bad credit is okay: Many people have a fear of facing credit checks which is part of the process. Lenders prefer knowing your credit value before they help you further financially. But you don’t need to face all that even if you have a bad credit score.


  • Higher than normal fees: These loans come with their high costing because they come for a limited time period.
  • Disreputable lenders: You may find some disreputable lenders who offer such loans with unfavourable terms and conditions.

Am I eligible for Easy payday loan?

All people are eligible for applying for payday loans. But there are conditions that they all have to meet of direct lenders. To qualify for these types of loans, there is a process that you have to go through. Before that, you have to decide which lending institution, you are applying for the loans.

Undoubtedly, there are so many lending institutions available for offering loans. But all can’t be fit to you after you approach them. Therefore, you have to apply for the loans from reputable lenders who can understand your concerns better than banks.

How to find legitimate lenders of the Easy payday loans?

This is becoming hard to find legitimate lenders when everyone is offering loans nearby. This is where many people become victims of their cheating very often because they have no idea how those so-called lenders deal with them.

With the help of a few useful tips, you can learn about whether the lenders are authorized lenders or not. You just have to make some efforts for that whenever you have needed instant cash. This will keep you safe from getting cheated.

Go through the following tips below:

  • Check they are license holders or not: This helps you a lot in knowing whether they are legitimate or not. Many non-reputable traditional lenders don’t have a license to offer you the money so you need to make sure of that.
  • Check their website reviews: This is also one of the ways that help you know whether you are going to be at the right place or not. You will find the reviews of many people on the website who have used the services.
  • How much they are charging: Most important thing about such lenders who are not genuine is how much they demand from you for money. Generally, such people benefit from your helplessness by charging extra. This is where you can catch them.
  • Additional fee: There are many such traditional lenders who ask for an additional fee and then they take the process ahead. So you have to keep a distance from such lenders because they are not legitimate to contact for financial assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions ✍️

We’re here to answer your questions

What is the best place to get a easy payday loan?

Out of traditional lenders and banks, there are online licensed-based lenders who take your financial problems very seriously. So this is a great step to approach them rather than keep on visiting from one place to another for applying for loans. Such lenders give you the right guidance as well as there are maximum chances to get financial assistance with them.

How long does the application process take?

Every lending institution has its own process to take you along. This is where they need a number of papers then only they take your application further for approval. But some direct lenders make you complete your loan application process in 5 to 10 minutes only. Within these times, your loan approval is confirmed through a notification bell.

When and how do I repay the loan?

After you have applied for loans from direct lenders, you have to repay the funds as soon as possible. There is a reason behind paying off your loan as quickly as possible these types of loans contain high-interest rates. As long as you don’t pay them, you will have debts increasing each time. So you have to pay off the loans on your next payday.

Can I pay off my loan early?

Yes, you can pay off your loan before your due date arrives. But some lenders charge a prepayment penalty for that. So you need to make sure about it before you pay off your loan before your due date arrives. Although, paying off your loan prior is better in terms of improving your bad credit score.

What happens if I’m denied a easy payday loan?

There is a strong possibility that you must have a poor FICO score that made you face rejection of getting loan approval. So you have to try to improve your credit score as soon as possible because this is one of the main concerns for your loan application rejection. Apart from this, what else you can do is get free counselling for a little betterment.

Will getting a easy payday loan in South Africa affect my credit rating?

Your answer is no- these types of loans are totally different from traditional loans. Because lenders like direct lenders, they don’t forward your credit status to credit reporting agencies. This clears that your credit score is not affected. Such funds as financial assistance don’t have side effects till the time, you keep on making your loan payments on time.

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Gasta Benefits

There are many reasons behind choosing Gasta to fund your financial needs, and some are:



You can apply for online instant payday loans from anywhere by using active internet connection. There's no involvement of paperwork or any other hassle.


Money 24/7

From application to getting money from payday loan, whole process usually completed within few minutes. It means you can get cash quickly, especially during emergencies.



Online payday loans are not just convenient and fast, but they are also safe and secure way of borrowing money. These loans are regulated by government laws.


No Hard Credit Checks

There are no hard credit checks involvement with payday loans. It means, there is no need to worry about loan rejection due to bad credit score.

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